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Founded in 2016, Ridgeback Biotherapeutics is a biotech company focused on developing transformational therapies to resolve or mitigate the effects of emerging infectious diseases.

Ridgeback is committed, proud, and humbled to work at the unique intersection of cutting-edge science, collaborative academic-government-private sector research and development, and public health response and preparedness.

Our Purpose: Innovate and accelerate life-changing and life-saving solutions for global health and safety.

The Company was formed to champion cures for diseases that are without champions, and target diseases with limited (if any) viable patient treatment options available. 

With an ever more connected global community, maintaining a robust public health infrastructure and responding to epidemics and pandemics is not only a moral imperative, but increasingly a necessary safety measure in protecting the security and economic wellbeing of every nation.

Pipeline: Ridgeback Biotherapeutics has two late-stage pipeline products in development:

Our Focus: Ensuring safe and effective treatments are readily available to anyone suffering from emerging infectious disease.